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Top 10 Benefits of Acupuncture

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Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine that includes the insertion of tiny needles in various parts of the body. The needles are extremely thin so that the patients don’t feel any pain. It facilitates the release of tension and boosts your productivity levels. Being the most ancient and revered therapy in China, there are multiple reasons to get acupuncture. Here, we will look at the top 10 benefits of acupuncture, along with its definition and how it works.

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What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a procedure in which thin steel needles are used and inserted into your skin to target energy points throughout your body. The supreme aim of acupuncture is to provide you with relief from pain. It is believed to be effective for many conditions like headache, migraine and lower back pain. So, it is rightly called as a supplemental therapy. 

Acupuncture Treatment

How Does Acupuncture Work?

Acupuncture therapy forms a significant part of traditional Chinese medicine, which focuses on healing through precise needle insertion. The flow of energy is called “qi” in Chinese which aims to promote the release of happy hormones called endorphins and circulation throughout your body.


When you first go to your acupuncturist, he will discuss the health problems you are facing. Then, he will look into the answer to what areas in your body will react most to acupuncture and prove it to be an effective treatment. The needles used in acupuncture are sterile and disposable and as thin as a human hair. The acupuncturist inserts needles at various depths, which stay in your body for a few minutes to as long as 20 minutes. These needles stimulate your central nervous system and immune system to rebalance your body and its natural chemicals.   


Top 10 Benefits of Acupuncture You Never Know

There are plenty of benefits of acupuncture therapy. You don’t have to look at the medication if you are considering acupuncture as it can improve your well-being without any side effects. Here are long-term benefits of acupuncture. 


Pain and Back Relief 

Poor posture, keyboards, heavy backpacks are just the few reasons which penetrate into your day to day life and leads to back and body pain. Acupuncture acts as drug-free pain relief which work wonders in terms of reducing swelling and inflammation. Many studies have proved that acupuncture can reduce chronic pain levels from conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia and even from surgeries or injuries. 

Acupuncture Helps Reduce Back Pain

Reduces Stress  

Nowadays, stress is the major element of most physical and mental health problems. Acupuncture is believed to reduce the levels of cortisol – a stress hormone- and improve your well-being. The needles used in this treatment method open the places in your body where you feel the stress. And this stress leaves your body through the creation of energy channels due to needles. 


Helps Fight Addiction 

If you are suffering from addiction problems, you can consider acupuncture therapy benefits, especially for opioid addiction. Acupuncture is said to give you relief from stress and pain, which are the primary causes of addiction. What’s more?

It helps regulate the brain chemistry that gets disturbed due to opioid abuse and helps in its restoration so that you can cope with the pain. Hence, recovery from withdrawal symptoms is easy.


Osteoarthritis Treatment 

Osteoarthritis is a joint disease that occurs in knee or hip joint resulting in the abnormal growth of bone. Many researchers believe that this traditional Chinese medicine has the power to reduce the knee pain and knee osteoarthritis to a large extent without any side effects. 


Weight Loss                        

Many people are fighting the problem of obesity and being overweight. Acupuncture has been found to have some significant benefits when it comes to weight loss. When you are relieved after the treatment of acupuncture, you tend to refrain from emotional eating, which plays a major role in your calorie intake. It also helps rebalance the energy of your body and can fuel your sluggish metabolism. 


Headache and Migraine Relief 

Acupuncture has been used as the efficacious treatment for headaches and migraines for thousands of years. If you are looking for an invasive and drug-free option, acupuncture could be the ultimate answer to your worries. It increases the blood circulation and blood flow in the tissues and can have a lasting impact on your headaches and migraine.  


Improved Skin Health 

Acne breakouts can go to such an extent that they can lead to itching and burning sensations around the affected area. Reasons to get acupuncture include not only reduced inflammation but also improved skin elasticity over time, thereby making your skin smoother. 

Improve skin condition

Reduced Blood Pressure Levels 

High blood pressure can give rise to serious health complications like stroke or heart attack. So, it is very important to keep your blood pressure levels under control. Going to an acupuncturist for regular sessions can regulate your blood flow and keep your body functioning more efficiently.


Mental Clarity

Suffering from mental health conditions like memory loss or poor concentration? You need not worry. There is the light at the end of tunnel. Some studies have proven that regular sessions with acupuncturist plays a great role in improving your cognitive function, hence an improved overall well-being.


Reduced Cigarette Craving

If you have decided to leave the habit of cigarettes and find it difficult to do so, acupuncture can help you with that. It eases jitters, lessens the levels of irritability, and promotes lung tissue repair, not to mention increased relaxation and detoxification. 



In the world flooded with modern medical interventions, the traditional Chinese medicine in the form of acupuncture serves as the effective solution to deal with various ailments and medical conditions. Top Benefits of acupuncture for pain outweighs the benefits and nasty side effects of some modern medications prescribed today.


Comprehensive Acupuncture Care in Brampton

If you are considering acupuncture therapy with long-term benefits, it is worthy to give it a try at our acupuncture clinic in Brampton. Our team of trained and qualified acupuncture practitioners goes into the root cause of your problem and believes in delivering the best care. Our clinic is open seven days a week and prioritizes your journey from health issues to overall well-being.


When you book your appointment with RMT movement, complete the online intake form so that we can have a better idea of your health history and specific concerns. Let us create a personalized treatment plan for you to get you rid of all the pain and take you on the journey of improved health. Contact us for more information.

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