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Brampton Foot Clinic  

Step into comfort, Brampton's trusted Chiropody Clinic for expert foot care and wellness, Open 7-Days a week. Additionally, we offer hassle-free direct billing for our valued patients. At our clinic, you can expect comprehensive treatments that go beyond standard foot care. 

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What we treat 

At RMT Movement, we redefine foot care, moving beyond isolated treatments to address systemic imbalances. Experience a paradigm shift in comprehensive and holistic foot health with us.

The Clinic 

What To Expect 

Your first visit with your Chiropodist is crucial.

  • To streamline the process, please complete our online intake form when booking. This helps us gather your health history and specific concerns.

  • During your appointment, your foot specialist will review your forms and perform a comprehensive assessment, including posture, spinal joints, range of motion, balance, and nerves.

  • We'll create a personalized treatment plan for pain relief or injury recovery to meet your unique needs.


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